Pro-Trump white nationalist praises Putin’s Ukraine invasion: ‘Thank you for your service to all the Russian heroes’

During a recent livestream, white nationalist Nick Fuentes gave his thoughts on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. In sum, Fuentes think Putin and his military are doing a great job, especially in light of what he says is America’s transformation into a nation of “fat retards.”

“Fat, nose-picking, slobbering, dogsh** animals is that we’ve become and it’s horrifying,” he clarified. “So I support Russia, I support Putin. This country is so messed up. … So, go Russia — Go Russia! Go Russia! Down with Ukraine! Ukraine will be destroyed! There will be a lot of ghosts in Kyiv when Russia’s through with them.”

“…and we love and support Vladimir Putin,” he later said in the segment. “So, go Russia, go all the way. Go in, go hard. You’re the pride of Moscow. Thank you for your service to all of the Russian heroes — heroes of the special military operation!

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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