Prosecution Witness to George Zimmerman’s Defense Attorney: ‘That’s Real Retarded, Sir’ (VIDEO)

In a tense exchange from the George Zimmerman trial today, Rachel Jeantel, the friend Trayvon Martin was speaking to on the phone before he was killed,  snapped back at Zimmerman’s defense attorney during cross examination, calling his line of questioning “retarded.”

In his questioning regarding the moments before Martin’s death, defense attorney Don West suggested that Martin could have been lying to Jeantel about his location because he was planning to attack Zimmerman.

“Why [does he] need to lie about that, sir?” Jeantel asked incredulously.

“Maybe if he decided to assault George Zimmerman, he didn’t want you to know about it,” West responded.

“That’s real retarded sir,” Jeantel shot back. “If you don’t know the person, why a person — Trayvon did not know him.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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