Prosecutors charge 3 men in plot to bomb African American churches and synogogues

In Chesterfield, Virginia three white supremacists were recently charged for planning to attack black churches and synagogues with firearms and bombs. The FBI initially set their sights on the home of Robert Doyle. Doyle was stockpiling weapons for what he called, in his own words, an “upcoming race war.”

According to affidavits in US district court, Doyle and Ronald Chaney III have been meeting at his home to discuss and plan attacks on black churches and synagogues since September. The pair enlisted Charles Halderman, who was brought in to help generate money to fund their attacks.

Doyle and Chaney met with undercover FBI agents posing as arms dealers a number of times. During one meeting, Doyle ordered explosives, automatic weapons, and a gun with a silencer. As stated by an affidavit, on the same day Doyle also ordered $50,000 in diamonds, $30,000 in gold, and $20,000 in silver. The FBI reported that the men also talked about robbing a gun store owner or jewelry store.

In the opinion of Charles Halderman, his only downfall is not having a pistol or a car, but he is “hungry” and is a “soldier.”

Watch NBC’s report on the story below:

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