Protesters plan on ‘birddogging’ Kyrsten Sinema as she runs in the Boston Marathon


Protesters are planning to target Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema while she runs in the Boston Marathon, the Boston Globe reports.

In a statement released this Saturday, the Green New Deal Network says activists from Arizona and Massachusetts plan on “birddogging” Sinema as she runs, as a result of her refusal to back Democrats’ $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act.

Indivisible.org defines “bird-dogging”as a “powerful tactic used by grassroots activists to get candidates and elected officials on the record about important issues.”

According to the Globe’s report, protesters will be holding signs that read “Senator Sinema: Pass the Full Deal,” “Senator Sinema: Stop Running. Start Listening,” and “Senator Sinema: Stop Running From Us.”

Sinema has been on the receiving end of vitriol from Democrats and their supporters over he opposition to the Build Back Better Act’s price tag. A statement from Sinema’s office says that she will not “negotiate through press,” but “continues to engage directly in good-faith discussions with both President Biden and Senator Schumer to find common ground.”

The news of activists’ plans to confront Sinema at the Boston Marathon comes on the heels of another incident last week where activists followed her into a bathroom at Arizona State University and heckled and filmed her while she was doing her business inside a bathroom stall.

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