Protesters project a special message for Trump on the front of Mercedes Benz Stadium

Donald Trump attended the national college football championship today. The game was also attended by some protesters who pulled off an effective way to get their message to the President.

Projected on to the front of the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta were the words, “Fuck Trump.” An image of the projection was captured by Twitter user @iupmadsquatt, who said that Trump was “booed” just before the image went up.

According to The Hill, other forms of protest popped up during the event.

Alabama player Bo Scarbrough also yelled “f— Trump” as his team walked onto the field.

And fans booed Trump’s motorcade as it pulled up to the stadium earlier in the night after they were forced to stand in the rain outside of the arena until his arrival.

Trump was greeted with applause and some boos as he walked onto the field at the game.

Media outlets also noticed that Trump didn’t seem to know the words to the National Anthem. Video posted to Twitter showed him seemingly struggle to keep pace with the words. Notable, since he inspired so much division and vitriol over players who chose to kneel during the Anthem.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that you should never predict the demise of Trump. But something seems to be slipping in Trumplandia.

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