January 6

Proud Boy wants Jan 6 charges dropped because he was there to protect ‘vulnerable’ people from Antifa

Zachary Rehl/Wikipedia Commons

In a brief filed on behalf of Capitol rioter and Proud Boys leader Zachary Rehl, his lawyer claimed that the far-right group Proud Boys went to D.C. on Jan. 6 to help defend “vulnerable demonstrators” from Antifa — kinda like what Kyle Rittenhouse did in Kenosha.

“Actually, the Proud Boys primarily came to Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, to patrol the perimeter of the crowds and the places where crowds were gathered to defend vulnerable demonstrators against violent attacks from ANTIFA, not unlike what Kyle Rittenhouse did in Kenosah, Wisconsin,” Jonathon Moseley wrote in a brief asking for some of the charges against his client dropped.

“What they actually planned to do and did was to make sure that the defenseless Trump supporters in the gun free zone of D.C. did not get jumped and stabbed by the rioters who had run amok all during 2020,” Moseley added.

According to reports, Rehl is the leader of the Philadelphia Proud Boys.

Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges in regards to his shooting and killing two people and wounding a third during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

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