Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio arrested in his underwear — charged with conspiracy related to Jan 6

Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was arrested while just wearing his underwear early Tuesday morning during a police raid to arrest him on conspiracy charges related to the Capitol riot, The Daily Beast reports.

In footage of the arrest captured by NBC 6 South Florida, Tarrio, 38, can be seen exiting the house with his hands raised, surrendering himself to police. Tarrio did not attend the riot, having been unavoidably detained—that is, arrested two days before the riot for burning a stolen Black Lives Matter flag. But the feds allege he organized, alongside five other Proud Boys members, the attack on the Capitol. The riot, according to an indictment, was the final stage of a convoluted plot involving a flurry of text messages, social media posts, and one secret meeting in a D.C. parking garage on Jan. 5. Tarrio was released from prison for the flag-burning incident just two months ago.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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