QAnon adherent melts down and quits ‘Q Army’ because Steve Bannon and Lara Logan don’t care about ‘child trafficking’

In an angry rant during a livestream, a QAnon adherent railed against the gatekeepers of the online conspiracy cult, accusing them of ignoring her warnings and not giving her the proper credit for insight she has into dates and events she’s convinced herself are relevant to Donald Trump returning to the White House.

“…nothing you say or do right now, Q, is going to stop me,” the woman declared, speaking to the anonymous entity responsible for “Q drops,” or the random bits of (false) information disseminated by the originator of the conspiracy theory. “F*** off, all of you!”

The woman then held up a sign declaring that she has quit being a member of the “Q Army.”

“And the reason why I quit is because on December 19, 2022, Q refused to acknowledge my Q-plus 3730,” the woman said, referring to some sort of QAnon-related stupidity. “And I’ve been doing it for six years!”

“Just so you know, no matter what happens here on in, Q, I’m not coming back, you’re on your own,” the woman continued, with her voice slightly cracking from emotion. “And in fact, I’m taking down the ET transmissions — f*** you, f*** all of you on this planet!”

The woman, who appears on a YouTube channel identifying herself as “Michele QAnon,” went on to say that she tried to give her “ET transmissions” to Steve Bannon and former CBS journalist-turned Q- regurgitator Lara Logan, accusing them of not caring about the “real pandemic of child trafficking.”

Watch the insanity below:

Sky Palma

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