QAnon believers who went to Dallas to see JFK Jr (who is dead) now refuse to leave

Last week, a large group of adherents to the QAnon conspiracy theory gathered at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in Dallas, Texas. According to journalist Steven Monacelli, some in the group were expecting to see an appearance by John F. Kennedy, Jr., who most sane people know died in 1999 as a result of a plane crash.

But according to QAnoners, JFK Jr. is still alive, and will head the Donald Trump-led operation to take down the “deep state.”

As expected (to sane people at least), JFK Jr. never showed up, but now, according to a report from VICE News, the group is staying in the city and have even begun discussing creating a permanent base so they could live there.

From VICE News:

The group, led by the antisemitic QAnon influencer Michael Brian Protzman, who’s known to his followers as Negative48, has maintained a presence in Dallas since JFK failed to appear last Tuesday. And over the weekend, the group gathered once again in Dealey Plaza, the site of JFK’s 1963 assassination.

Images from the Saturday event show Protzman talking to his followers one at a time, with a bird that looks like a parrot perched on his shoulder.

According to a video posted by one of his followers, Protzman was pointing out the tip of a skyscraper that was visible behind the Texas School Book Depository, from where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK in 1963.

The tip of the skyscraper is shaped like a pyramid, which Protzman told his followers, without a shred of evidence to back it up, that it is a sign of the Illuminati, who supposedly place pyramids wherever they kill people.

Read more at VICE News.

Sky Palma

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