QAnon conspiracy theorist brags that she was ‘ostracized’ for spreading ‘Pizzagate’ but can now openly promote it at Mar-a-Lago

Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin spoke at a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago this Tuesday for America’s Future, an organization affiliated with former  former national security adviser and QAnon conspiracy theorist Michael Flynn.

From Right Wing Watch:

Crokin was one of the earliest promoters of the QAnon conspiracy theory and has spent the last several years spreading increasingly wild conspiracy theories, primarily about “Pizzagate,” a convoluted conspiracy theory alleging that thousands of highly influential politicians, entertainers, and business leaders are part of a global satanic pedophile ring.  In 2016, one man radicalized by the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory entered a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., and fired his weapon, believing that children were held captive in the basement. The QAnon conspiracy theory, which appeared on fringe message boards in 2017, is seen as the successor to “Pizzagate.”

America’s Future launched a program called “Project Defend & Protect Our Children” whose board will featured Crokin and others. During an appearance on the “Liberty and Justus” program the day afterwards, Crokin bragged about how she has gone from being “ostracized” for spreading conspiracy theories to talking about it openly as a featured speaker at Trump’s Florida resort.

“We had this wonderful fundraiser to raise money for this cause at Mar-a-Lago last night, and I got the privilege and the honor to speak at Mar-a-Lago about ‘Pizzagate,’” Crokin said. “Six years ago, I was a lone soldier fighting this; no one wanted to even say the word ‘Pizzgate’ because the media had so successfully redefined what it is, and it was so taboo. I can’t even tell you how badly I was ostracized for talking about ‘Pizzagate,’ exposing ‘Pizzagate,’ and how many friends I lost and what a lonely journey it was.”

“So, to go from that to being at Mar-a-Lago and being able to freely talk about ‘Pizzagate’ there and say, ‘This is real, and there’s no more tiptoeing around it anymore,’ was just an incredible experience.”

Watch the video below:

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