QAnon conspiracy theorist invents new conspiracy theory to explain why QAnon predictions never happened

Dave Hayes, also known by his online handle as “The Praying Medic,” is described by Right Wing Watch as one of the leading self-declared QAnon “decoders” who has developed a huge online following since the conspiracy theory cult appeared on the scene.

In 2019, he claimed that a wave a mass arrests would take place within a year and completely decimate the Democratic Party. He also predicted that then-President Donald Trump would have Barack Obama executed by the military.

Now that his predictions have failed to come true, he has an explanation for that.

“No one has has been more pissed off at Q than me for the three years we sat through of waiting for the arrests, thinking that the arrests were just around the corner—like it was just gonna happen, this next week we’re gonna see people arrested—and it never happened,” Hayes said. “So I have as much frustration as anyone does about how long we’ve been waiting for the arrests to happen.”

“However, Q did warn us on the front end of the conversation that a lot of what he was going to put out was going to be disinformation,” he continued. “Disinformation designed to make the bad guys make wrong moves. So you had to get real with that. If you’re going to buy on to the Q thing, you have to know up front that half of what Q is going to tell you is not going to be true. It’s for the purpose of psychological operations, and that’s just how it is.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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