QAnon conspiracy theorists: ‘Barack Obama was behind the terror attack in Israel’

During an exchange on a recent livestream, QAnon conspiracy theorists Dave Haves, also known as “The Praying Medic,” and Mary Grace floated a new conspiracy theory claiming former President Barack Obama was behind the recent terror attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel.

Grace: “I think that it’s safe to say that some of the ling-standing deep state players such as Obama, who’s really running the current regime, could very likely be behind this. … I mean, we know he signed the Iran nuclear accord — he has a vested interest it seems.”

Haves: “They have a huge interest in making sure that the United States and Israel are weakened to the greatest degree possible, and that violent Islamic extremists win the day. That’s kinda their goal.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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