QAnon cultist: China paid Biden to test their ‘weather weapons’ on Texas causing winter storm

Former actress-turned QAnon adherent Cirsten Weldon claimed that the “freeze-out” that took place in Texas this February was actually the result of China testing their “weather weapons” — with the permission of President Biden.

In a clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. Weldon says that China’s “weather warfare” weapons that pulled down “the polar vortex.”

“They pulled it down, and they hit all of Texas,” she said. “As you know, it had a huge freeze. So yeah, that’s what happened.”

“And of course, Biden was paid billions of dollars before and got more money for letting them do that to the United States,” Weldon said.

Before she started appearing on grainy livestreams to promote batsh*t-crazy conspiracy theories, Weldon’s work as an actor included the role of “Girl in Car” in Oliver Stone’s 1991 biographical musical film The Doors. She also starred as “Agent’s Girlfriend” in the 1990 slasher drama Sorority House Massacre III: Hard to Die.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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