‘QAnon interpreter’ says Q’s failed predictions were ‘intentional disinformation’ designed to ‘work to Trump’s advantage’

A man known as the “Praying Medic” who’s made a name for himself as a “QAnon interpreter,” now has an explanation for why so many predictions from the shadowy conspiracy cult never come true. According to Dave Hayes, “Q” purposely spreads disinformation into order to throw off the “deep state.”

“Much of what Q posts is disinformation,” Hayes said during an appearance on Elijah Streams podcast. “It’s not factual — it’s intentional disinformation.”

Hayes went on to say that Q posts so much disinformation that people aren’t comfortable admitting it. “Q posted a lot of disinformation … anytime Q posted a prediction about an arrest, it was disinformation. Every single time there was a prediction about an arrest, it was disinformation..”

“Q uses these predictions, these overt predictions, to get the deep state to make moves that work to President Trump’s advantage,” Hayes said.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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