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QAnon-supporting former politician is arrested in bizarre kidnapping plot

Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann/YouTube

Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann has been accused of masterminding an “international QAnon-style kidnapping” of a young girl on behalf a her mother who had lost custody due to her extremist QAnon beliefs, the Associated Press reports. Now he’s been arrested when he returned to France from a self-imposed exile in Malaysia.

From the AP:

He was jailed in eastern France in that case when the new allegations emerged involving many in the same extreme-right circle of his supporters.

During the search for the girl, who was eventually recovered safely in Switzerland, anti-terrorism investigators realized that the abduction involved many people they had placed under surveillance for unrelated far-right extremism.

As The Guardian points out, the mother, 28-year-old Lola Montemaggi, posted to Facebook that a Satanic child trafficking elite was at controlling France. She also spouted anti-vax conspiracy theories, as well as others. After being banned from seeing her daughter, Mia Montemaggi, she is believed to have arranged for her daughter’s kidnapping. Mia Montemaggi was found safe back in April with her mother in a squat in a disused factory in Switzerland, five days after she was taken from her grandmother’s home by three men pretending to be child protection officers.

Lola lost custody of Mia after she reportedly made suicidal statements in front of her and refused to remain in contact with social services.

From The Guardian:

Five men alleged to have been involved in Mia’s abduction in France – described by prosecutors as “a military-style operation” with a codename, Lima – have been arrested by French police and charged with abduction of a minor.

The five, including three who have admitted the kidnapping, were already under surveillance by French intelligence services for their links to extreme-right, anti-system and survivalist online networks, French media have reported.

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