Rachel Maddow: GOP/Trump has failed at everything they like to brag about

Speaking to Al Sharpton on MSNBC this Sunday, Rachel Maddow observed that Republicans have largely failed when it comes to the policies that “they like to brag about,” namely the things President Trump promised during his campaign.

“The Muslim ban has been a disaster — Mitch McConnell [was asked] this week, ‘Is Mexico gonna pay for the wall?’ His exact quote verbatim was, ‘Uh, no.'” Maddow said.

“The healthcare rollout has been an absolute disaster,” she continued. “It’s very scary what they’re proposing in terms of healthcare. But politically, it’s absolutely dead. I don’t think anybody believes it’ll ever pass the Senate. … Nothing they like to talk about, nothing they like to brag about, none of their big stuff is working, or in many cases they’re not even trying to make it work.”

“Where they are getting stuff done is stuff they don’t like to talk about: making it easier for mentally ill people to get guns, making Texas’s validly racist voter ID law something the Justice Department is no longer working against. … Saying that mining companies can dump waste it streams, saying that oil companies, American oil and gas companies, basically, effectively don’t have to disclose anymore if they bribe foreign governments.”

“The stuff they’re doing quietly, they’re getting away with a lot,” Maddow concluded. “The stuff they like to talk about, they’re getting none of it done.”

Watch the video below:

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