Rachel Maddow: Pence claiming ignorance on Flynn’s lobbying for Turkey is bullsh*t

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is making waves with her continuous reporting on the Trump administration’s alleged connections with the Russia. In a Friday segment of her show, Maddow focused on Trump’s ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and he recently revealed lobbying efforts for Turkey.

She pointed to a Fox News interview featuring Vice President Mike Pence this Friday, where he said the news about Flynn’s lobbying for Turkey was unbeknownst to him.

“That cannot be true,” Maddow said. “It is impossible this is the first Mike Pence has heard of it. Mike Pence was the head of the [Trump] transition while all of those news stories of Mike Flynn being on the Turkish government’s payroll were breaking.”

“He was the head of the transition when Mike Flynn was being vetted for the National Security Advisor job. He was the head of the transition when Congress formally notified the head of the transition that Mike Flynn appears to be on a foreign government’s payroll. He was the head of the transition when Mike Flynn’s personal lawyers came and told the transition that Mike Flynn maybe needed to register as a foreign agent.”

“It’s something to pick someone manifestly unfit for the job of National Security Advisor to be National Security Advisor, that’s one thing,” she continued.

“It’s another thing when you bring somebody on board to a top national security position while they’re also on the payroll of a foreign government, and you either don’t notice or you don’t care.”

Watch the full segment in the video below, via MSNBC:

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