‘Racist boss’ fires Latino workers, so over 100 workers walked off the job in solidarity

Worker solidarity can be a powerful thing. That’s what one allegedly racist boss found out this Tuesday.

An Indianapolis welder who was helping to build a UPS facility took out his cellphone camera and captured the moment when over 100 workers walked off the job. The action was reportedly a show of support for their co-workers who were fired by a boss who they claim is racist.

Antione Dangerfield was fired after he posted the video, which was viewed by millions of people on social media. Speaking to Jacobin, he said that UPS had offered him $250 to take the video down, but he decided not to since the video had gone so hugely viral.

Although the workers weren’t unionized, they were frustrated by constant harassment from a safety manager who they feel is racist.

“I just felt that power, man. It just felt good,” Dangerfield said, “They were walking out with their heads up, strong. It touched me. That’s why I was like, wow, this is beautiful. It was beautiful that they came together like that—stood up for themselves and not let that dude walk all over them.”

According to Dangerfield’s account, a small number of Latino workers working for a different contractor were sent home after disobeying the orders of a white boss who he says is racist.

In response, over 100 workers walked off the job.

“They are not bullsh*tting!” he says in the video.“They thought they was gonna play with these amigos, and they said, ‘Ah yeah, we rise together, homie.’ And they leaving! And they not bullsh*tting!”

After the workers left, Dangerfield panned his camera around the facility, revealing it to be empty.

“Ain’t no grinding, cutting, welding — this motherf*cker dead-ass quiet. The Mexicans shut this motherfucker down.”

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen grab

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