Rainbow emojis are lighting up anti-gay Christian Facebook pages

To celebrate LGBT Pride month this June, Facebook implemented it rainbow emoji and users have been enthusiastically lighting up posts with the symbolic colors. But for Facebook pages who aren’t all that friendly to the gay rights movement, it’s making for some awkward imagery.

Writing for the Friendly Atheist, Hermant Mehta highlighted one particular page and their poorly thought-out warning to ban anyone who uses the emoji on any of their posts. In a now-deleted post, the Warriors for Christ Facebook page emphatically warned, “A RAINBOW EMOJI WILL GET YOU INSTANTLY BANNED FROM OUR PAGE.” Unsurprisingly, the warning didn’t have the planned effect, and Mehta managed to get a few screen shots:

Other anti-gay figures and pastors are watching their pages light up with the rainbow colors. And although the rainbow emoji promotion will likely end when June is over, the mark of Pride will be forever.

[H/T Friendly Atheist]

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