Rand Paul aide caught on video licking camera lens of liberal opposition group

It’s okay to dislike the opposition, but as demonstrated by a member of Rand Paul’s campaign team, some people have a ‘unique’ way of showing it.

During a townhall event in Londonderry New Hampshire, Paul’s political director for the state, David Chelsey, sensuously licked the camera of a researcher sent by American Bridge, a left-leaning opposition group – as he was filming.

The steamy moment was immediately posted to American Bridge’s YouTube account.

“Well, he’d been standing there, trying to block the camera. That’s not uncommon, though,” explained American Bridge spokesperson Ben Ray. “Licking the camera… well, that’s new to us.”

When asked to comment on the incident, Rand Paul spokesman Sergio Gor said: “Senator Rand Paul visited New Hampshire today to accept the endorsement of twenty New Hampshire State Representatives who support his run for the White House, and to visit with and take questions from the voters of NH.”

“It was a great day of events,” Gor added apparently not wanting to address Chelsey’s make-out session with a camera lens.

A great day of events indeed.



Sky Palma

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