Rand Paul isn’t buying Capitol physician’s claim that Mitch McConnell’s freezing up is due to ‘dehydration’ — says it’s ‘not a valid diagnosis’

GOP Senator Rand Paul isn’t buying the U.S. Capitol physician’s report regarding Senate Minority Mitch McConnell‘s freezing episodes, Insider reported.

Capitol physician Brian P. Monahan ruled out the possibility that McConnell experienced a stroke, has Parkinson’s disease, or a seizure disorder, saying instead that he was likely suffering the after-effects of a concussion or dehydration.

From Insider:

But on Tuesday afternoon, Paul, a licensed ophthalmologist, who graduated from Duke Medical School in 1988, told reporters he disagreed with the Capitol physician’s findings.

“To have the Senate doctor describe it as dehydration,” Paul said, “I think even non-physicians seeing that probably aren’t really accepting that explanation.”

He continued: “Everybody’s seen the clips, it’s not a valid medical diagnosis for people to say that’s dehydration.”

Last month, McConnell froze up in the middle of a press conference at the U.S. Capitol before he was hustled away from the cameras by his Republican colleagues. Just over a month later in Kentucky, he experienced a similar event.

Read the full report over at Insider.

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