Report finds that Trump made $2.4 billion during his presidency


According to an analysis of documents conducted by Forbes, Donald Trump’s businesses took in $2.4 billion during his tenure as president.

While Trump businesses averaged around $650 million in revenue during his first three years as president, profits dropped in 2020 as the pandemic raged, bringing around $450 million to Trump’s businesses.

Forbes collected the information by looking at property records, ethics disclosures and debt and securities filing, and other documents to come to the figure. The majority of Trump’s profits came from his clubs and golf resorts, which brought in around $940 million.

Forbes says the earnings did not entirely translate to profits for Trump, pointing out that profit margins come in at 20 percent when golf clubs and resorts are at their most profitable.

In April, Trump fell nearly 300 spots on the Forbes billionaires list after his fortune decreased by more than $1 billion during his presidency.

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