Report says Sean Hannity once pulled a gun on Juan Williams off the air

According to a new report by CNN, last October Fox News personality Sean Hannity may have crossed a line even his staunchest, most “anti-PC” apologists can’t defend.

According to three sources with knowledge of the incident, during a moment off the air, Hannity allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at liberal guest commentator Juan Williams, even turning on the laser sight, “causing a red dot to bob around on Williams’ body.”

While the sources told CNN that it was very clear that Hannity was “just showing off” and had no intention to threaten or hurt anyone present, Williams and others on set were reportedly disturbed and uncomfortable with the off-camera display.

It is unclear how the incident, which was reported to Fox News executives and the network’s human resources department, wound up being handled, but in a statement offered to CNN on Thursday, the network, seemed relatively indifferent:

“Sean Hannity has been trained in firearm safety since he was 11 years old and has a license to carry a gun in five states, including New York. The situation was thoroughly investigated and it was found that no one was put in any danger.”

Additionally, according to Williams, the “incident is being sensationalized — everything was under total control throughout and I never felt like I was put in harm’s way.” He added, “It was clear that Sean put my safety and security above all else and we continue to be great friends.”

As one Twitter user pointed out, Hannity could claim the incident was somehow permissible because he has, in his own words, “been trained in [firearm safety] since the age of 11,” and “had a conceal carry permit in five states for all of [his] adult life,” but that would seem contradictory to the fact that he would point a gun at someone for the heck of it.

Featured image via YouTube