Reporter corners Trump and grills him: ‘Why did you take charitable donations for personal use?’

As it becomes more apparent that Donald Trump’s “charity” The Trump Foundation was actually being used as a personal savings account for the GOP nominee, the pressure to answer questions looks like it’s causing some of the hull to crack.

According to some diligent reporting from the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, Trump used his charity to give an illegal donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. He also bought himself a painting (self-portrait) and a Tim Tebow helmet – all paid for by Trump Foundation cash.

Oh, and a $120,000 luxury trip to France (a trump aide claims he never actually went on the trip).

AND… $250,000 in Foundation funds towards legal settlements.

Trump has been noticeably dodgy as of late when it comes to speaking to the press, but a reporter from a Columbus news affiliate managed to corner him and ask him to explain why he may have used “charitable donations for personal uses.”

Trump’s incoherent response is definitely noteworthy, but it was his demeanor that got me.

He didn’t look confident at all. He almost looked – scared? When the reporter began his questioning, Trump shot him kind of a reptilian glare, like a nervous but curious lizard you’d pass by on a hiking trail.

“The foundation is really rare. It gives money to vets. It’s really been doing a good job,” Trump replied.

He added that “we put that to sleep just by putting out the last report.”

Okay – we’ll keep an eye out for that “report.”

At any rate, this thing has legs and Trump seems to know it.

Watch ABC6‘s full report on the story in the video below:


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