Republican Lt. Governor caught on open mic during Hannity interview: ‘God, that is terrible TV’

While appearing in an interview segment with Sean Hannity this Thursday night, Missouri’s Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder unintentionally blurted out his real feelings about the show — in a moment where he didn’t know his mic was live.

In the wake of the police shooting in Ferguson, Hannity cut to a Fox News correspondent interviewing people live on the ground at the scene of a protest. When Hannity turned to the Kinder for his thoughts, the Lt. Governor could be seen shaking in head, sighing in dismay and saying, “God, that is terrible TV” while looking off camera.

Hannity, seeming slightly caught off guard, continued talking, but when it was finally time for Kinder to speak, he remained silent.

“Peter, can you hear me?” Hannity asked.


Featured image courtesy of Talking Points Memo

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