Republican sponsor of Florida’s ‘don’t say gay’ bill has his home damaged by tornado

Florida state GOP Rep. Joe Harding‘s home was among those damaged by severe weather in Central Florida Saturday, Florida Politics reports. Harding is the sponsor of the controversial legislation that was labeled as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by its critics and certain segments of the media. Harding was not home when a tornado touched down in his Ocala neighborhood.

Harding said a tornado touched down in his Ocala neighborhood. His next-door neighbor’s home was severely damaged and seven and 10 homes suffered “catastrophic damage,” Harding said.

The National Weather Service office in Jacksonville said a preliminary survey of the damage confirmed an EF-1 Tornado passed near Dunnellon and Ocala beginning about 7:45 a.m. Saturday. It had estimated wind speeds of 110 mph and was on the ground for about 25 miles.

While the bill does not literally outlaw the word “gay” as many on Twitter seem to think, it would prohibit discussions about sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade. It also prohibits lessons in other grades unless they are “age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate.” Nowhere in the bill does it specifically single out a particular sexual orientation. The measure also would give parents the right to sue school districts.

Sky Palma

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