Republicans join effort to block George Santos from profiting after he leaves office

A draft of a bill to block GOP congressman George Santos from profiting after he leaved office has garnered the support of some Republicans, Axios reported.

The bill would prevent members of Congress convicted of certain crimes from profiting off book deals, and other methods of making money after their political careers have ended.

From Axios: “The bill stops short of the more direct legislative rebukes from Democrats, including an expulsion resolution and a bill requiring congressional candidates to disclose more elements of their background, called the SANTOS Act. Santos’ serial fabrications on the campaign trail have captured the disgust of his colleagues and the fascination of the public. He is under local and federal investigation.”

As Axios points out, Reps. Marc Molinaro (R-NY), Nick LaLota (R-NY) and Mike Lawler (R-NY) are co-sponsoring the bill. All have called in Santos to resign after the multitude of lies he told and embellishments on his career were exposed.

“It’s logical to think that part of his motivation of being on TV, tweeting, giving floor speeches, isn’t … rehabilitation, which will never happen,” LaLota said, “It’s to promote himself, to probably sell … a movie later on, and we should provide him no incentive to continue this mockery.”

Read the full report over at Axios

Sky Palma

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