Restaurant gives Black customer receipt with the N-word printed on it

A restaurant in Pennsylvania is facing outrage after an employee printed the N-word in a receipt and handed it to a customer, KELO-TV reported.

The customer, who is identified only as “Kassie,” said that the restaurant immediately went “silent” when she walked in to pick up her food, claiming it was due to her being a Black woman. “People kind of stare at you being the minority and not the majority,” she said.

When she noticed the slur on the receipt, she called the restaurant and was told by one of the owners that it was meant as a joke that she wasn’t intended to see.

“He did tell me that this was a joke amongst the kitchen, and he said it got out of hand,” Kassie said, adding that the owner told her that he told his employee not to write the slur on the receipt, but the employee said it’s okay because he’s not racist and hangs out with minorities.

“I was afraid of the backlash. I was thinking of the establishment as well. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I didn’t want this to get out of hand. I was also afraid for myself,” Kassie said, describing the decision she made to make the story public.

One of the restaurant’s owners, Allen Butterbaugh, claimed he was “blown away” that his employee would do such a thing.

Completely blown away and my first thought is, ‘This is crazy. This is absolutely not good. This is terrible,’” Butterbaugh said.

Owner Maureen Butterbaugh was upset at the attention the story is getting.

“You can tell people about it instead of sharing it. Just talking to them and saying, ‘Did you see what happened?’ Not going there again instead of sharing it and sharing it,” she said.

“We’ve gotten backlash, we’ve been getting calls and phone threats. So many messages via Facebook coming out. Borderline harassment,” Allen Butterbaugh added.

Watch a report on the story below:

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