Retired miners to CNN: ‘So far, Trump has broken his promises’

Speaking to CNN’s Randi Kaye, a group of retired miners said they don’t have a lot of faith in President Trump’s ability to keep a promise.

“Donald Trump has said that he would work to protect the miners,” Kaye said to “Do you feel as though the President has your back?”

“No,” one of the former miners responded.

The men believed that they were going to get “healthcare for life” through their former jobs. But those benefits will run out at the end of May for them and 22,000 other retired miners unless Congress takes action. When CNN relayed the miners’ concerns to the White House, they were told that the issue was still amidst “ongoing negotiations.”

“If I lose my health benefits, I’m hurting,” retired miner Joe Reynolds said. “I’m one hospital stay away from — if I have no insurance — from losing a home, or wondering where my next meal is coming from … and I feel like I have worked hard for this, they promised me this.”

Watch CNN’s report below:

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Sky Palma

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