Rick Wiles: Obama is ‘inspired by Lucifer’ and ‘directing protests’ against Trump

Right wing Christian media is basically the Sunday School version of InfoWars these days, and Rick Wiles is quite a star.

When he’s not talking about the End Times, Wiles is cooking up conspiracy theories about Barack Obama and his inner circle. According to Right Wing Watch, Wiles’ latest claim is that the ex-President is utilizing Devil-inspired “sedition” to weaken Donald Trump‘s presidency.

“We are witnessing a full-blown Marxist-communist resistance movement, a revolution in America,” Wiles said. “The chief banker funding the Purple Revolution is billionaire George Soros and the chief community organizer directing the insurrection in the streets is none other than Barack Hussein Obama.”

“My gut feeling says Barack Obama is on the phone day and night and he is directing the protests, he is organizing, he is giving clear instructions to the people what to do and how to carry it out.”

“What the Democrats are doing, and the news media and the Obamanista bureaucrats inside the government agencies… These are acts of sedition.”

“You wanna get God worked up? You know what sedition reminds Him of?” Wiles asked. “Lucifer. It all goes back to Lucifer because what Lucifer did in heaven was commit sedition.”

“So all acts of sedition are inspired by Lucifer,” he declared.

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

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