Rick Wiles: Trump should use ‘hallow-point bullets’ to take down BLM protesters

Speaking on a recent broadcast of his TruNews show, antisemitic conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles suggested that President Trump use live ammunition against racial justice protesters — ammunition that he says Trump acquired from the previous Obama administration.

In a clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Wiles said that Trump’s chief of staff should advise him to use the “Obama bullets.”

“Mr. [Mark] Meadows, please tell President Trump that he is now in possession of Obama bullets — 2 billion ‘Bama bullets,” Wiles said. “You’re in possession of them now. You got the ‘Bama bullets and you can put down the [insurrection] … you can put it down. You have the ‘Bama bullets in your hands.”

“You don’t have to tolerate this anymore,” Wiles said, referring to the ongoing protests. “They were purchased for the purpose of putting down an insurrection. Well, you got one, so put the hallow-point bullets to good use and get out there and put down this communist revolution so the rest of us can live our lives peacefully.”

Watch the video below:

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Sky Palma

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