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Right-wing activist on Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘We can’t be held accountable for every crazy thing we say’

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While speaking with PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil during a livestream this Wednesday, author and right-wing activist Cliff Kincaid defended Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after O’Neil suggested that she should be held accountable for the conspiracy theories she’s disseminated and promoted.

“To suggest that the Rothschilds have a laser, have the capability and the intent to burn down huge amounts of California forest in order to clear ways for a highway, that they’re the ones responsible when we know — look, I grew up in bone-dry Colorado. I spent my summers doing wildfire mitigation in the mountains of Colorado … I know how easy it is for wildfires to spread …”

“Well that sounds crazy to me too,” Kincaid interjected. “But are we gonna be held accountable for all the crazy things we say?”

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