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Right-wing activist: The Equality Act will make Jesus illegal


During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show this Thursday, Right-wing activist and former GOP 2020 Senate candidate in Delaware Lauren Witzke warned that the Equality Act will “illegalize” Jesus Christ if it’s ever signed into law.

“There is a war on Christians,” Witzke said, partially referring to Wells Fargo’s alleged shutting down of her account, which she says was done in retaliation for her opposition to the Equality Act. As Right Wing Watch points out, Well Fargo says the shutting down of her account had nothing to do with her political views.

“They targeted me, and they made an example out of me because I’m an outspoken Christian who vocally opposes the Equality Act. … They’re trying to illegalize Jesus Christ and the Scripture and categorize it as hate speech,” she said.

“What it will do is it will classify scripture, belief in traditional marriage, as hate speech,” she continued, referring to the Equality Act. “If an abortionist wants to make the decision to not perform an abortion, they can arrest that abortionist or that doctor or that nurse that chooses to take the biblical approach and change their lives. Children who struggle with gender identity—now it’s going to make it illegal for them to pursue therapy to change their mind. This is absolutely an attack on Christians. Even just quoting scripture will be classified as hate speech. … It is going to make Christianity a crime on a federal level.”

Watch the video below:

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