Right-wing Christian principal accused of covering up molestation so his school wouldn’t look bad

This Texas school definitely needs a new principal.

It appears that a principal in a Texas high school could be in some serious hot water. Greg Wright, principal of Prosper High School, has already run afoul of the law once, for using school time to read and study the Bible with students. This time, he is accused of running a teacher out of the school on a rail– because she had the gall to report the fact that a student had been molested by a teacher at the school.

According to Maribeth Thomas, who was a teacher at Prosper during the time when the alleged molestation occurred, she was reprimanded when Wright found out she alerted the cops to the fact that an 11th grade girl came to her and told her that another teacher had made sexual passes at her and touched her inappropriately.

According to the student’s story, the teacher also said he “liked” being alone with the teenaged girl.

Thomas is now suing the school district, and the evidence supporting her claims against Wright is damning. She says that after Wright took her to task for telling the girl’s story to outside authority forces, she was no longer included in meetings with fellow faculty and staff, and her once-friendly colleagues began sending bullying text messages to her phone. It gets even worse than that, though. The principal said during a recorded meeting with Thomas:

“I’m all about the team. I’m all about PR and how this high school looks, and we’re going to take care of this young lady, and we’re going to do it in a confidential manner to protect her, to protect all parties that are involved. That’s why we have an internal police department to take care of these serious situations.

You don’t ever go outside the parameters of Prosper ISD police.”

Wright went on to say that the reasons for his upset with Thomas’s actions was the public relations aspect that came along with such allegations being made public via outside authorities.

Of course, the district is defending this disgusting principal who cares more about how he looks than he does about his students. Prosper ISD  assistant superintendent, Michael Goddard insists that Wright handled things just fine:

“Was it an uncomfortable meeting? Absolutely. Was she reprimanded? No. I think there could have been softer ways to handle it, sure. But the message of making sure we have the correct information before moving forward was important.”

So, the cover-ups and corruption go all the way to the top. How surprising.

As for Principal Wright? He is undeterred. Even though he has been slapped down for holding his Bible meetings on the school’s time, he still plans to start a club at the school called “First Priority,” which, according to an unnamed parent of a student at the school, will be about “encouraging students to  to be proactive and make their daily walk with Christ a priority.

Hopefully, Maribeth Thomas wins her lawsuit, and this guy is fired.

Featured image via Prosper ISD/Raw Story



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