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Right-wing commentator: Biden is a tool of Satan, but let’s not put bullets in people’s heads — yet

During an appearance on the Stew Peters Show, right-wing conspiracy theorist Jarrin Jackson said that although President Joe Biden a tool of Satan, Christians shouldn’t take the bait and wage violence against Democrats and the left, yet.

According to Jackson, Biden has “declared war” against America, and he’s waging war in the name of his favorite deity, namely Satan.

“And this is my word for warning for patriots, for Christians, for people who love America and want freedom to continue: don’t take the bait, don’t pull the trigger, don’t participate in a false flag-type situation, because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get people who are righteously angry to do something that they can then justify as a fig leaf in their mass propaganda media to convince everybody else who is otherwise already on their plantation, to convince the slaves that they need to go against the war that people who — people like you and people like me — are trying to fight for their freedom too,” he said.

“And so the way forward is … don’t comply, don’t do it,” he continued. “The way that you break this enemy is not by putting bullets in people’s heads. I mean, that is not going to solve this. We are not there, yet.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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