Right-wing ‘journalist’: Barack Obama is a Satanist who worships the Canaanite god ‘Moloch’

If you haven’t heard of Liz Crokin, here’s a brief rundown: She once claimed that there’s a Hillary Clinton sex tape that proves Pizza Gate is real. She said mudslides that destroyed Oprah Winfrey’s home were God’s punishment for her anti-Trump comments. She claimed that JFK. Jr. faked his death and is actually QAnon. She claimed that Satanic pedophiles are using vaccines and chemtrails for population control. She also claimed that a surfing accident she suffered was actually caused by “witchcraft” utilized by Hillary Clinton.

In her latest video posted to her YouTube channel, Crokin claims that the latest news surrounding the arrest of billionaire financier and child predator Jeffrey Epstein is proof that her predictions regarding QAnon conspiracies and elite pedophile rings are true. According to Crokin, taking down elite child trafficking rings was a “huge” reason why Donald Trump ran for president.

“Clearly we are now seeing that [Trump] is making taking down child sex trafficking rings and elite pedophiles a priority in his administration,” she said. “Because none of this would be happening under a Hillary presidency and the past presidents that we have had before President Trump have had people in their administrations that were protecting these people in power.”

Which brings us to Barack Obama.

“Sorry to break it to you guys … but your messiah, Barack Obama, he’s a Satanist,” she declared. “He trafficks kids, he rapes children, and he worships Moloch.”

In case you’re wondering who Moloch is, he’s the god from the Old Testament who’s associated with child sacrifice.

“Wish I was kidding, but I’m not,” Crokin says towards the end of her video.

That’s the disturbing thing about this woman. She’s dead serious.

If you have the patience, you can watch her rant as it pertains to Obama in the video below:

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