Right-wing ‘journalist’: John F. Kennedy Jr faked his death and is now QAnon

A conspiracy theory that’s been permeating right-wing circles for some time now is breaking into the mainstream, recently making an appearance at a Florida Trump rally on Tuesday. It goes something like this: It centers around a mysterious online figure who identifies him/herself as “Q,” who began posting on anonymous chat forums in October of last year, claiming to have secret intelligence regarding a government plan to take down a worldwide Satanic pedophile cult. According to the claim, Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is actually cover for the investigation into the cult.

Yeah, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Either way, it makes a lot of sense to a whole host of right-wing internet crackpots, one of them being Liz Crokin, a fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist who moonlights as a “journalist.”

Crokin brought her journalism expertise to an interview with online psychic and YouTuber Jenny Moonstone last weekend, adding her own add-on theory as to who Q really is. According to Crokin, Q is actually JFK Jr, who is alive and well.

Crokin said that when she first heard the claim that JFK Jr was actually Q, it “immediately resonated” with her.

“I got goosebumps everywhere,” she says in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “I’m a very intuitive person and usually when that happens, that’s confirmation that there is truth to it.”

“Q at one point said, ‘You’re not going to believe who you are talking to here,’” Crokin continued. “When Q wrote that, I thought it’s going to be someone that’s so crazy that even people that are woke and know what’s going on are going to be like, ‘Oh my lord, this is insane’ … John F. Kennedy Jr., that would be shocking because we all think he’s dead.”

“The one thing that always struck me about Q’s posts is the passion for John F. Kennedy Sr.,” she said. “When I say passion, I’m talking the passion for JFK Sr. is so intense, I don’t see how this passion could come from anyone that A, didn’t know him and B, didn’t love him. … Who could that be? Well, if John F. Kennedy Jr. was still alive, that would make perfect sense.”

“The way that Q talks about JFK Sr. in the posts, it is with such love and passion, it makes me think that it is someone that is close to him,” Crokin added. “If JFK Jr. faked his death and was alive, it would make sense that he was Q.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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