Right-wing pastor: Criticizing ‘prophets’ who falsely predicted Trump’s return is ‘cancel culture’

As Right Wing Watch points out, Curt Landry was among a gaggle of pro-Trump religious leaders who prophesied that Donald Trump would return to the White House in 2020, saying that that the 2020 election would result in a “red tsunami” where Trump would win and the GOP won control of both houses of Congress.

Even after joe Biden won, Landry was certain that Trump would still be returning to the White House — he even declared that he was planning to be in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20 for Trump’s inauguration. Needless to say, Landry was wrong, but he doesn’t think he, or anyone else, should be called out for it.

“The church’s cancel culture has really created, it has blossomed into really a global cancel culture,” Landry said. “I really think that since the 2020 election, the body of Christ has canceled its prophets based on the fact that President Trump did not serve a second term. And when [he] did not serve a second term, there was like this evil accusing-of-the-brethren spirit that rose up—particularly in the church—and said, ‘This prophet predicted that—there’s a false prophet.’ We maybe didn’t stone anybody with rocks, but we certainly stoned them on social media with our own mouth.'”

“So, here we are canceling the prophets,” he continued.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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