Right-wing pastor: I will never criticize Trump ‘because God chose the man’

During a recent livestream, Mississippi pro-Trump pastor Shane Vaughn said that people who dare to criticize Donald Trump are going against God’s plan.

“This is about a God that appointed a man, and you see, I’ve got enough Italian in me to know to know what loyalty means,” Vaughn said. “Here’s the way it works for me: I love loyalty. Loyalty is a forgotten quality. Donald Trump, you fought for my family, my family will fight for you.”

Vaughn then went on to rattle off all the things about his life that Trump made better.

“You fought for our freedom and I’m not about to start second-guessing your choices and what you do,” Vaughn continued. “If you make a mistake, it’ll be on you, sir. But I will be loyal — I’m not a TINO (Trump in name only) … I am a Trump supporter. Why? Because God chose the man and I’ve got sense enough to know it, recognize it — I know where the blessing is. Let me tell you something: when you find a blessed man, when you find a blessed ministry, you better plant your feet under that blessing and it will fall down on top of you.”

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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