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Right-wing pastor: People close to Biden tell me he’s ‘possessed by the Devil’

During an appearance on The Pete Santilli Show this Friday, Louisiana pastor Tony Spell declared that President Biden is “possessed” by Satan — according to some people he recently baptized who he claimed are “very close to the president.”

“They said this president is not suffering dementia,” Spell said. “He is possessed with the devil. When you see him where he can’t speak properly and can’t pronounce words, we laugh at that, but we are actually invaded from Hell itself in the executive branch of United States of America. We’re in spiritual warfare.”

According to Spell, America has been “invaded from Hell itself” and the first place Satan started was with church closures during the pandemic. “…today everything is upside down,” he said. “You have the people controlling the government, the government controlling the priests who have silenced the prophets.”

“America is in trouble today. America is in trouble with God,” Spell declared. “It’s supposed to be the prophet, then the priests, then the government, then the people.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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