Right-wing pastor tells Christians: Stop praying for unity and arm yourselves for civil war

Appearing on The Jim Bakker Show this Monday, Trump-loving pastor Rick Joyner had some grim news for his fellow Christians: start forming militias in anticipation of the coming civil war over the “evil that is taking over our land.”

“I tell you we have to be ready to defend our families, our communities, our neighbors, our churches, everything because it is coming home,” Joyner said. “I don’t believe there’s going to be a neighborhood exempt from what’s coming.”

Joyner went on to say the God showed him in a prophetic dream that militias will soon be “popping up like mushrooms all over the country.”

“Even Jesus said at one point, ‘I didn’t come to bring peace, I came to bring a sword,’” Joyner added. “We’re in that time right now. You can go on praying for unity and for the parties to come together and all that, but it’s not the time for that. That’s not going to happen right now.”

“There’s a time for peace and a time for war … Well, we’re not headed towards peace right now, we’re headed towards conflict and war, and we need to prepare for it. We need to put out the word. People need to be prepared.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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