Right-wing troll Ethan Schmidt: Black people ‘worship me because I’m white and they’re not’

Notorious Arizona right-wing troll Ethan Schmidt, whose known for videos disparaging LGBTQ people and calling the Pride flag a “flag of Satan,” posted a recent video where he praises white people as a superior race and says that being “born non-white must be so hard.”

“I have it so great,” he declared. “Whenever I walk into a room full of colored people, they just bow down to me … they worship me because I’m white and they’re not.”

According to Schmidt, he’s “at the top of human genetics sphere,” and people who are not white “sense that, they know that.”

“These foreign women want to have children with me because it’ll boost their bloodline by a thousand percent,” he said, adding that white people need to promote “white culture” and “all white everything.”

“White people are the future, white people will prevail, we need more white births … we need birthing centers for aryans.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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