Right-wing TV host is mad that Princess Peach isn’t ‘helpless’ in Super Mario Bros Movie: ‘Make her a helpless princess again’

During a recent segment on her Wrongthink show, host Anna Perez lamented the fact that a fictional character based on a classic video game isn’t has “helpless” as originally depicted.

“Now, you might be thinking, ‘Anna, who cares? It’s just some dumb movie.’ But you should care and here’s why,” she started out. “Because what they’re doing it they’re trying to brainwash society to think that that’s how women are supposed to be, and this is dangerous because then we have women who go out there who think they’re men and they wind up getting hurt, they wind up getting raped — because who’s gonna consume this content? Well, young kids, right? It’s a cartoon.”

Perez is referring to the new Super Mario Bros. Movie, saying that the depiction of the character “Princess Peach” doesn’t reflect how she was depicted in the classic 80s video game, where she’s a helpless damsel in distress waiting for Mario to save her.

“The reality is, this has actual ramifications on society,” she continued. “Young women see stuff like this and it just brainwashes then to be a feminist … and it’s not realistic.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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