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Robert Jeffress: Cops are ‘ministers of God sent to punish evildoers’

Speaking on Fox Business this Friday, megachurch pastor and spiritual advisor to President Trump, Robert Jeffress, took umbrage with a news story relayed to him by host Lou Dobbs, where a church in Louisville, Kentucky, offered activists protesting the recent decision in the Breonna Taylor case food, water, medical treatment, and refuge.

According to Jeffress, “idea of sanctuary by a church is a complete myth.”

“Churches don’t have that ability to do that, to harbor criminals,” Jeffress said. “Law enforcement, if they wanted to, could go in anyplace and take a criminal. But what this church is doing is wrong, and Lou, the reason they’re doing it is they don’t read the Bible.”

“But if they did believe the Bible, they would know that Romans 13 says law enforcement officers are ministers of God sent to punish evildoers — and to resist law enforcement is to resist God himself,” he continued.

Jeffress clarified that he’s not condoning “police malpractice,” but added that those cases are “few and far between.”

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