Rod Blagojevich calls on Illinois’ Dem governor to work in a ‘bipartisan way’ with Trump to fight coronavirus

In a Cameo video posted to Twitter, former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich called on the state’s current governor, J.B. Pritzker, to tone down his attacks on President Trump and approach the fight against the spread of the coronavirus in a bipartisan manner.

“It has just been reported that President Trump signed legislation that will send $23 million in federal aid to the state of Illinois, and to the city of Chicago, to help stop the spread of the coronavirus,” Blagojevich says in the video.

“I have a message for Governor Pritzker,” he continues. “Governor Pritzker — now is the time to stop the attacks against President Trump. Now is the time to work together in a bipartisan way, because nothing is more important than the public health and the public safety of the citizens of Illinois.”

It’s unclear if the Twitter account the video was posted to is where it originated.

Watch the video below:

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