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Roseanne tweets apology for calling George Soros a Nazi, conspiracy nuts go into meltdown

This Monday, unemployed comedian and Twitter conspiracy theorist Roseanne Barr apologized for her past regurgitations of the fraudulent claims that billionaire philanthropist George Soros is a Nazi.

“I apologize sincerely to @georgesoros,” Barr tweeted. “His family was persecuted by The Nazis & survived The Holocaust only because of the strength & resourcefulness of his father.”

With the tweet, Barr included a link to Soros’s foundation.

Barr’s apology comes two weeks after she recycled the right-wing conspiracy theory that claims Soros was a Nazi collaborator during WWII.

After falsely claiming that Chelsea ​Clinton ​is married to Soros’ nephew, Barr then issued an “apology” that included the false claims about Soros.

“Sorry to have tweeted incorrect info about you! I Please forgive me! By the way, George Soros is a nazi who turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth-were you aware of that? But, we all make mistakes, right Chelsea?” Barr wrote.

“Soros’ goal; the overthrow of us constitutional republic by buying/backing candidates 4 local district attorney races who will ignore US law & favor ‘feelings’ instead-and call everyone who is alarmed by that ‘racist’,” she added in a second tweet.

Barr’s tweet about Soros came on the heels of a series of now-deleted racist tweets where she targeted Obama-era adviser Valerie Jarrett, saying she’s the result of the “muslim brotherhood” and “planet of the apes” having a baby. Barr was responding to another tweet that accused Jarret of being complicit in a cover-up of Obama’s alleged misdeeds. The tweet led to her show Roseanne being canceled by ABC.

Conspiracy theorists didn’t take kindly to Barr’s apology to Soros. In the comment thread that opened up beneath her Monday tweet, many wondered what prompted her to rescind an accusation held dear by so many on the right-wing fringes.

Conspiracies about Soros have been circulating for a long time in right-wing circles.

From HuffPost:

Soros was 14 years old in 1945 and hid his Jewish identity to escape Nazi persecution in Hungary.

In his biography written by Michael T. Kaufman, Soros describes assuming a Christian name to hide in plain sight during the German occupation of Hungary. He also recalls once accompanying a Christian government official to take an inventory at the mansion of a Jew who had fled the country.
When asked about the experience during a 1998 interview with “60 Minutes,” Soros said he didn’t feel particularly guilty about the incident because he was there as a “spectator.”

“You went and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews,” asked host Steve Kroft. “Was it difficult?”

“Not at all,” Soros responded. “Maybe as a child you don’t … see the connection.”

Kaufman, however, noted in Soros’ biography that the financier spent years in therapy “dealing with the impact that his temporary, necessary, and pragmatic denial of Jewishness at the age of fourteen had had on the development of his personality.”

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