Roy Moore: ‘Drive-by shootings are the result of evolution being taught in school’

The bigoted, ignorant, and downright bizarre examples of past comments made by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore are plentiful. Late last week, video surfaced showing Moore giving his thoughts on the root cause of gang violence perpetuated by America’s youth.

In a 1997 speech for the Role of Religion in the U.S. Government conference hosted by the National Clergy Council, Moore theorized that drive-by shootings were the result of evolution being taught in schools.

“That’s the kind of logic they’ve used in our society today when we have kids driving by shooting each other that they don’t even know each other,” Moore, who at the time was an Alabama circuit court judge, says in the video. “They’re acting like animals because we’ve taught them they come from animals.”

At one point in the speech, Moore said, “Scientists who study evolution come up with some of the oddest things, don’t they? They tell us we evolved from something that crawled out of the water, but they have no evidence for that.”

Speaking to Newsweek, Georgia Southern University professor reminded us that contrary to Moore’s claims, there is more than enough evidence proving evolution to be true.

Scientific evidence of evolution and development of species, and development within species, is extensive. We have everything from biological evidence to DNA; we have the fossil records; we have 100 years of formal study of evolution post-Darwin’s time that explains descent with modification, that explains what evolution is.

You can watch Moore’s full speech at C-SPAN.

Featured image via screen grab (YouTube)

Sky Palma

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