Rudy Giuliani: Columbus was a ‘hero’ who tried to ‘control’ violent and savage natives

During a rant on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic show, Rudy Giuliani gave his version of the history of Christopher Columbus, saying the controversial explorer was actually a “benevolent” figure who only wanted to tame the indigenous people he encountered in America, not a brutal conqueror who committed a genocide on the Taino people.

According to Giuliani, Columbus was probably the “first hero” of America.

“There’s no evidence that he did any of these things,” Giuliani said. “In fact, most of the atrocities they’re talking about occurred 30 years after he left. If anything, he was benevolent. He tried very, very hard to to avoid the wars that went on.”

Giuliani acknowledged that the people Columbus “brought over with him weren’t saints, they were soldiers.”

“But the people there were living in the third-world, including a third-world of violence where they scalped each other and killed each other and raped each other — this wasn’t a civilization that came to, this was a third, fourth-word country. They had no idea of what they were facing. Columbus did everything he could to control it. It got out of control 40 years later and he’s being blamed for it.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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