Rudy Giuliani: There’s nothing wrong with being gay ‘unless it morphs into pedophilia’

During an appearance on the Uncovering the Truth radio show, the show’s co-host suggested to Rudy Giuliani that Joe Biden‘s alleged criminality is much like gay people — at one time, time homosexuality was frowned upon, but now it’s accepted.

During the segment, Giuliani referred to Biden as a “thirty-year bribe taker.” Co-host Maria Ryan agreed then chimed in, saying, “Once you do that and you start getting used to certain things,” RawStory reported.

“It’s almost like gays, right?” she said. “At one time in this population, it was really frowned upon. It was misunderstood whatever, and now it’s accepted, and they have equal rights. So you just get used to certain things.”

Giuliani said that while the gay comparison may not be the best example, “it is a good example in this sense.”

“You take anything to an extreme, and you can get into the area of deviancy. Look, heterosexuals can be deviants. Nothing wrong with gay, nothing wrong with lesbian except if it morphs into pedophilia,” he said.

“It does go against nature, though, I do have to say that,” Ryan said. “Our bodies are meant to procreate. That’s what our bodies were meant to do, a man and a woman.”

Listen to the segment below:

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