Rush Limbaugh: Black people don’t like museums because of their ‘cultural upbringing’

Speaking about Michelle Obama’s recent speech at a museum opening, radio host Rush Limbaugh started off his comments wondering why she still has a “chip on her shoulder”:

…as though you are an aggrieved victim of something, when you clearly are not. And why not instead take the occasion of your achievement and your accomplishment and motivate and inspire?

He then turned to President Obama’s alleged victim mentality, before returning to the First Lady’s.

It’d be one thing, you know – if they let somebody incarcerated – out of jail to go help open a museum, and started talking about being a victim and this and that, and ‘I can’t believe they let me out of jail to come open this museum.’ But she’s the First Lady of the United States. Why not take the occasion of all this to inspire all these people?

Do you ever stop to think maybe a museum and things like that are not in [black people’s] cultural upbringing, and maybe it should be? Do you think maybe the reason they don’t go there is because places like that are mocked and laughed at? Or what’s the popular phrase – they’re ‘too white’?

Yeah, he said that.

Listen to his comments in the link below, via Media Matters:

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